Paint is your car’s pride, especially the shine that follows after a paint job. However, we know what ensues; the paint and the shine gradually fade, calling for more touch-ups. What if we could prevent that and add valuable years to our car’s paint? Wouldn’t that boost our confidence? Luckily, there are ways to take care of and protect our car’s paintwork. This article will discuss all of that, so hold on tight it’s going to be an exciting read for all car lovers.

Waxing Your Car:

Waxing your car adds a protective layer over the car’s body to protect the paint underneath. With a wax layer, you don’t have to worry about the damage done by dirt, grime, and many harmful substances. Moreover, wax also covers up minor scratches and blemishes. However, with time the wax layer wears down, so you need to add regular waxing to your car’s maintenance list.

Synthetic Coating:

Looking for a long-lasting alternative to wax? Place your bet on synthetic coatings such as Teflon or ceramic coating. These coatings can chemically bond with the paint forming a protective layer. Hence, a synthetic coating provides you with a high gloss finish while protecting the car’s paint from atmospheric pollutants.

Sunlight Is Not An Ally:

Some of us may like to bask in the sunlight, but that may not be in the best interest of our skin. The same goes for your car, too much sunlight can be detrimental to the car’s paint job. To protect the car’s paintwork, it’s best to park in a shade because UV light can oxidize the car’s paintwork. The oxidation damages the paint resulting in the loss of shine and luster. Furthermore, this will make the paint more vulnerable to external influences.

Not Everything That Comes From Above Is A Blessing:

You know that parking under open sunlight is not a preferable option, so where do you choose to park next? Under a building or a tree, right? Parking under a tree is a lucrative spot as long as it’s not leaking some sap. Tree sap is rich in sugars that can eat or irrevocably damage the paintwork. However, a layer of wax or coating prevents sap seepage to the paint and provides an easier clean-off.

There is another threat lurking in those branches, birds, or, more specifically, bird dropping. This acid-laced poop etches into the paintwork damaging it, and wax only provides limited action against it. Therefore, the best way to protect your car’s paintwork against bird dropping is through prompt action and cleaning it up as soon as possible.

Regular Car Wash:

We saved the best for the last; regularly washing your car will undoubtedly go a long way. You can take care of your car’s paintwork by cleaning pollutants and harmful substances.

A good car wash, like Cadillac Car Wash, will also ensure the safety of the paintwork by using clean and soft brushes that don’t erode the paintwork. Hence, visit us and experience next-generation cleaning at our workstations.

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