Spring brings lots of smiles on people’s faces. But for car lovers, one of the worst fears is of seeing pollen on the car after washing it. People may have allergic reactions to pollen and may also have breathing problems. It is like a fine powder that can trigger a person to sneeze more than usual. Also, it can irritate the eyes if you’re inside the car. However, one can keep the car free from pollen in all the seasons. There are many ways to keep pollen away from your beloved car, a few of which are mentioned below.

Give it a wash

Blooming trees release a substantial amount of pollen and leave your car in misery. Pollen causes premature oxidation, which can wear off the paint of the car. Therefore, if left unclean, it can destroy the body of the car. Rain or even wind can remove it, but they don’t help much. One cannot leave pollen on its fate. It can stain the car and would need a remedy. To remove it from your car, get a water hose, cotton towel, a microfiber towel, and a quick spray detailer. These easy material can help you in cleaning the car yourself and make it safe from pollen.

Use of Wax

After giving your car a good wash, dry it with a clean microfiber cloth. Later apply a coat of wax on the vehicle to create a barrier between the car’s body and pollen. A layer of wax will not prevent pollen from building up on the vehicle but will protect the paint from wearing off.

However, if you think you are not an expert and do not want to take a risk, consider taking your car to a professional car wash like Cadillac Express Car Wash. The team will remove the pollen from your vehicle in no time and will make it look clean as before.

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