We have seen rusty cars in the dump yards, which might seemingly collapse with just a slight touch. Therefore, subconsciously we know what rust can do, but rust doesn’t have to be that widespread to cause trouble. What begins as a benign, innocuous speck of rust will spread like wildfire engulfing several parts and causing critical failures along the way. Consequently, let’s discuss how rust can harm your vehicle if you let it run rampant.

Surface And Internal Rust:

Surface rust attacks the body of your car or its undercarriage. Your car has its defender in place against surface rust. The car’s body paint doesn’t allow the underlying metal contact with the atmosphere. However, if the paint gets scratched or acidic bird droppings and tree sap damages the paint, rust can attack soon. That’s how your car’s body can contract rust. However, that’s on the surface, right? The engine and other internal components must be safe from the wrath of rust? Well, that’s not always the case; water can find its way in through low-quality fuel or, more commonly, through condensation. Now, we know that neither your car’s body nor its internals are safe from rust. Let’s learn what rust can do if given a free hand.

Dangers Of Surface Rust:

Surface rust is more than an eyesore, and it compromises the structural integrity of your car as the metal starts to flake away. You will soon notice that doors will begin to creak and cannot swing freely once the rust has attacked the hinges. Rust poses a similar danger to the car’s undercarriage; rust will damage joints, and the part will loosen. If you don’t repair these damages, the loose part will eventually break free and fall off. This can prove dangerous to other motorists.

Damage To Engine:

Rust in your engine compartment is a matter of serious concern, and it can affect pistons causing excessive wear and tear. Other than that, rust gradually eats away the metal components of your engine compartment. This may damage the exhaust mount and the trunk area, causing air leaks and making the trunk vulnerable to water leaks.

Electronic Malfunction:

More and more modern cars incorporate electronic systems for controlling several car functions. Now, these electronic systems contain metal parts that can catch rust. Therefore, your car will experience electrical malfunctions.

What Can You Do About Rust:

It’s hard to stop the onslaught of rust, so the best way to protect your car is through prevention. Repainting your car is a good step if the paint on your car’s body gets damaged. Waxing your car is also a great step and adds a layer of protection. You can also choose to wax the undercarriage of your car to protect the metals of the undercarriage from rust. In case of mild rust, you can get it off; it’s a DIY project. However, for internal rust, contact a mechanic. For waxing and thorough cleaning, give Cadillac Car Wash a visit.

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