Who does not like a sparkling shiny clean car, today you can have it without putting in many efforts. The technology used at automated car wash facilities does the work and gives the best results. So, what is a touchless car wash, and how is it different from the automated system? Besides both being automatic, few factors vary in them. The touchless system misses the use of foam and cloth, and car cleaning uses high-pressure washers.

While car washing, three factors need consideration. These are pressure, friction, and the use of detergent. In an automated system, the soap and water wash the car exterior, and then the jets move around to dry the car. However, friction misses out in the touchless car wash. Friction is necessary to clean the stubborn dirt stuck on the car while it runs on the road. It is one of the reasons why people prefer an automated system over the touchless car wash.

The touchless car wash uses high pressure and strong detergents for cleaning that may affect the paint and the exterior look of the car. Harsh chemicals break up the filth, but can also damage the car coat. Since there is no scrubbing, the whole process relies on acidic and high PH chemicals. Regular use will make the paint color dull and faded. A sound balance system of car washing balances pressure, friction, and the use of detergent in the process.

In comparison, the automated car wash at Cadillac Express Car Wash is entirely safe for your vehicle. It uses safe chemicals and a soft brush, and buff and dry machines clean the car. Furthermore, the system removes tough stains without affecting the exteriors. We have been using the latest technology to make the system more effective. Still have queries about what is a touchless car wash, and how does it compare to the automated one, call us to get the best car wash services.

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