We have written several times about rust and how it slowly yet steadily eats away your car’s metal. At this point, you can consider rust as your car’s arch-nemesis, and there could be only one victor. Hence, US citizens spend millions of dollars to combat rust and to add some valuable years to the vehicle. Therefore, there are several ways through which you can try to keep rust at bay, and one popular way to do that is through undercoating. Accordingly, let’s discuss what undercoating is and how it protects your car.

What is Undercoating:

Undercoating is a layer that you coat the car’s underside with, and undercoating has various formulas. Consequently, you will find undercoating made with oil, paint, rubber, or wax. Undercoating forms a defensive layer that protects the car’s undercarriage from salt, dirt, and eventually from rust.

It works best when applied to a new car before rust digs its malicious hand into the precious metal. However, it’s totally a different scenario when your car already has rust patches. If that’s the case with your vehicle, you need to approach the process with caution. This is because the undercoating isolates the rusty patch while locking in moisture and oxygen. Hence, you didn’t really stop rust but slowed down its progress as rust has enough oxygen and moisture to get into action. However, you can still apply an effective undercoat if you follow these procedures:

  • Remove the rust, dirt, and any caked-up mud before applying an undercoat.
  • In the case of a rusty underside, you can opt for an oil undercoat. The oil coat is better at halting further oxidation than any other type of undercoat.

How Long Does An Undercoat Last?

We cannot provide you with a definitive timeframe about how long your car’s undercoating will last. It depends upon several factors, such as:

The extent of your car use: The more you take your vehicle out on the road, the more recoats your car will need.
The environment you drive in: The climate of your residency and work also plays a vital role in determining how long an undercoat will last.
Application of the undercoat: The quality of the undercoat used and the proficiency of its applier adds to the undercoat’s longevity. Hence, for the best possible application, always choose Cadillac Express Car Wash.
Road abrasives: Salt or other abrasives found on the road also undermines the lifespan of an undercoat.

How Does An Undercoat Add Value:

The premium quality of an undercoat and its proper application ensures long-lasting rust protection. Hence, it can add some valuable years to your car’s life so that you can get a good resale value on a car. Furthermore, an undercoat can also act as a noise barrier, making the interior much quieter and comfortable. Nonetheless, you need to be cautious when applying an undercoat because of all the nefarious chemicals found in the mixture. Hence, always opt for Cadillac Express Car Wash for your undercoating needs.

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