You have decided to give your car a glossy finish and some paint protection. For this purpose, you may come across two materials: wax and ceramic shield. It’s easy for a layperson to use shielding and waxing interchangeably. Decades earlier, it wouldn’t be wrong to use these terms interchangeably, but with progressing technology, each term now has a different meaning. Hence, let’s answer one of the frequently asked questions: ” What’s the difference between ceramic shield and wax?”

What’s A Wax?

Wax is a solid that can turn into liquid at a slightly elevated temperature, and it can repel water. Wax has been in the automotive industry for a long time, and it is still widely used today. However, there might be a difference in wax used earlier and nowadays. Fundamentally, wax some decades earlier was primarily organic, but now you can find synthetic alternatives as well.

Carnauba, paraffin, and montan wax are commonly preferred for paint protection. Regardless of which type of wax you may use, you can expect a glossy finish and some degree of paint protection from it.

What’s A Ceramic Coating:

The buzz about ceramic coating is only recent, and it’s a silicon-based product that binds with your car’s paint for long-lasting protection.

Ceramic Coating V.S. Wax:

Durability: Ceramic Coating is hands-down more durable and resilient than wax. You can expect your car to repel all kinds of soils from a ceramic coating. Furthermore, it prevents water spots, lets water runoff, and shields your vehicle from U.V. rays. Wax also provides some degree of protection but is unparalleled to what a ceramic coating can do for your car.

Longevity: Ceramic coating is long-lasting, serving you for more than a year. The time before reapplication for a wax layer depends on the use of your car. For a car that hits the road regularly, you may need to reapply wax after a few weeks.

Glossy Finish: Here, waxing may take the upper hand. Waxing provides you with a smooth, glossy, and warm showroom-like shine. Ceramic coating can also give you a glossy finish, but aesthetics can be better with wax.

Curing Time: Ceramics coating is resilient because it bonds with the paint. This bonding is called curing, which may take up to 24 hours after application. You have to protect the shield from water during this time and be careful. However, there is no curing time; you can just drive your car away after waxing.

Application: Waxing is relatively easy to apply, and you can apply it by yourself. However, for ceramic coating, you may need professional help. Similarly, it’s impossible to remove a ceramic coating without professional intervention.

Pricing: With so many perks, a ceramic coating is costly, while waxing is relatively affordable. However, if you want to relax and don’t worry about the harm done to your car, ceramic coating is the way to go.

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