Have you ever come out of work, walked to your car, and seen bug splatters on your windshield? I know I have! In order to avoid having to come out of a bad day and be even more angered by stains from bugs, it is necessary to go to a car wash that provides a Grill Bush. A grill brush uses powerful wipes that will make your car clean and clear of those dirty bugs! Now, it may be a fear that the Grill Brush will bend your license plate, however, the Grill Brush at Cadillac Express Car wash is like no other; with advanced technology, our Grill Brush will not bend your license plate and cause you to have to worry about fixing that as well. Instead of retracting with your car, our grill brush unfolds with it; this allows it to penetrate 5 feet into your car, without damaging it of course, and remove those scourging bugs. Even though a conventional sponge can remove small insects off of your car, the amount of work you will have to put in will cause you to have to waste time out of your day, when you could’ve been able to do other important things, at the car wash, in a shorter period of time. Another thing to remember is that Texas is a very hot place; the temperature can range anywhere from 75 degrees to a staggering 98 degrees on a normal day! If you don’t get rid of the bugs in a quick amount of time, there is a chance that they could bake into your car, making it almost impossible to remove it after a certain time. For that, head down to Cadillac express car wash and get your car cleaned in a way that works and gets those pesky bugs off of your delicacy before it gets too late!

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