The cars we own hold a special place in our hearts. Words can’t describe this bond that the car owners share with their beloved cars. Nevertheless, this bond is enough to make us roll our sleeves and clean our cars. Although this gesture is much needed, you can miss out on the potential benefits of a car wash if you don’t roll up to your nearest car wash every now and then. Here is how a car wash compares with a self-wash.

Car Wash

Car ownership comes with a long maintenance list, and a regular car wash easily tops that. The joy of washing your own car is unparalleled, but you barely get time to scratch your head in this hectic world. Let alone wash your car, so what’s better than getting someone else to do it for you. Knowing that your car is in the hands of a professional at the car wash, you can sit back and ensure that your car is squeaky clean and damage-free.

Disadvantages Of Self Wash

Here are a few factors that explain why a car wash is better than a self.

Your car is calling for damage because you lack the right tools or cleaning agents. Professionals use a soft-bristled brush at the car wash to gently scrub off stains and pressure water sprays to cut through baked dirt and grime. On the other hand, house hoses can barely remove any tough dirt stains due to inadequate pressure generation. Not to mention the headache of dealing with dirt splatters all over your clothes.

There’s a misconception that a car wash can drain your wallet completely. Hence, you might be thinking that you’re cutting down on expenses by using the products lying around your house. However, since you’re unaware of the proper washing method, it will cost you even more once you locate unwanted damages. Plus, your water bill will be skyrocketing. In this case, a much better option would be to head to a car wash where rates are constant.

Did you know that a car wash takes only 10 minutes while a self-attempt can last more than an hour? Let’s admit that everyone wants to choose the less time-consuming option. On top of that, people are oblivious to the drying process. You can’t just leave your car out in the scorching sun to dry. As a result, this will leave random water spots causing unwanted blemishes that demand more effort. Instead, a car wash can dry your car in seconds, all thanks to their powerful blow drying machines.

The verdict is out and clear; you cannot substitute a professional car wash with a self-wash. Therefore, why resist a good professional touch-up? Once you have realized the importance of a professional car wash, the next step is selecting a car wash to cater to your car’s needs. Give Cadillac Car Wash a try and discover why we have so many loyal clients.

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