Driving during a rainy day on a muddy track can do a great job on your tires. Consequently, you will find hard solid mud cake formed on groves and the stubborn grime settled in between the notches. Thus, the aftermath of the drive will be an ordeal for you and the car’s tires alike. It is tough and time-consuming to cleanse the car’s tires off the burden. However, in such a grave situation, you will find an unlikely ally in hot chemical cleaning. The hot chemical cleaning will ease up the onerous task of tire cleaning. Moreover, it will speed up the whole process.

It’s all about the chemistry:

When referring to the advantages of hot chemical cleaning, we are mostly talking about how the process removes grime, dirt, grease, and mud easily and at a faster pace. So what’s the science behind such efficient cleaning.

When a solution is hot, or the temperature is considerably higher than the ambient temperature, the process of bond making and breaking occurs at a faster rate. Why is that? What is happening? To explain the science with ease, we assume the whole process comprises three basic molecules. The water molecule(solvent), a chemical molecule, and a dirt molecule.

During a normal (non-hot) cleaning, the detergent or chemical molecule acts as a bridge between the dirt molecule and the water molecule. The chemical molecule binds from one end to the water molecule and from the other end to the dirt molecule. Therefore, in this way, through the action of bridging, the cleaning chemical dislodges the dirt particles from the tire and keeps them suspended in the water solution.

One process that dominates the whole act of cleaning and removing grime is bond formation and bond breaking. The process of bond formation and breaking depends heavily on the surrounding temperature.

Why Does An Increase In Temperature Matter?

An increase in temperature raises the molecules’ kinetic energy. Now, the molecules move at a higher speed and bump into each other more often. Thus, an increased collision frequency boost the act of “bonding”. In addition to the high bumping rate, the probability of a successful reaction during each bump also increases. The reason behind such high effectiveness is a form of energy called activation energy.

What Is Activation Energy And Why Does It Matter?

For a successful reaction, two molecules taking part in the reaction should have energy higher than a certain level. This energy is known as activation energy. Thus, with higher surrounding temperature, more molecules will possess activation energy. Hence, this will increase the chances of a successful reaction.
Therefore, through the processes we discussed, hot chemical cleaning improves the speed of cleaning and makes it a lot easier.

Heated Wheel Cleaner at Cadillac Express Car Wash:

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