Corona, Coronavirus, COVID-19; they are the same thing, and can, unfortunately, affect you and your loved ones in a dreadful way. It can spread through the air, through direct contact, and even through airborne particles such as dust and pollen. Why is this important you ask? On a normal day, your car can have imminent specks of dust and pollen that could potentially carry the virus! Of course, there is a simple solution to ensuring you do not contract it; clean your car at a car wash! When you take the time to go through the conveyor, it may seem like a lot of work, but during these times Washing your car regularly ensures the second layer of protection. If you were to not clean your car, you could touch your door handle, and not knowing, you could now be a carrier of a seriously deadly disease. Not only can it get on your hand, but as research suggests, people touch their faces 16 times in just one hour, unconsciously; in both scenarios, you won’t know and may not even have any symptoms until 14 days of contracting the coronavirus. It sounds extremely scary, especially for those who have a weaker immune system, like our grandparents and elderly. Instead of taking your family into a car that could potentially harm them, take the time to visit a Car Wash near you to ensure your car is free from allergies, dust and potentially dreadful diseases that could affect you and your loved ones.


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