Are you washing your car? But did you forget about those mud-baked tires? Or do you just roll your eyes over the thought of cleaning those tires? Well, you are not alone, as many car owners consider cleaning their car tires as a fuss. It’s something for which they wouldn’t get those hands dirty. Car washing can be a daunting task, and when you add those tires to the list, things worsen. However, their beliefs are not misplaced because washing car tires is a painstaking task that requires a variety of supplies.

Why Is Tire Washing Important?

If washing your car’s tire is such a hustle, is it worth the effort? In short, it is. Put it all in this way: you are done with the final touch-ups, and you look great, but you end up wearing dirty and dull shoes. Will that spoil the look of your whole attire? It will surely spoil the outlook. Hence, consider tires as your car’s footwear that will enhance the car’s look if they are clean and sparkly. Hence, overlooking the cleanliness of the car’s tires is not an option.

What Are The Supplies You Need?

If you are yearning for a showroom like shine, then you must gear up for the task. Here are a few things we need to wash those car tires:

  • Brushes.
  • Shampoo.
  • Degreasers.

When it comes to brushes, we are looking at at least three types of brushes: sturdy and coarse brush, a soft-bristled brush, and a soft bottles shaped brush. With these, we can cut through stubborn grime and dirt while protecting the wheel faces from any scratches. Moreover, the bottle-faced brush can help you clean hard-to-reach places, so there are no sneaky remnants.

Shampoo and degreasers are conditioners we use for thorough cleaning and to maintain the tire’s shine.

How Do We Clean Those Car Tires?

It all starts with rinsing those tires to break the hold of obstinate dirt and grime. We then apply the tire shampoo using the sponge. With shampoo in place, it’s time to scrub the outer rubber layer with the stiff-bristled brush. Next, we proceed to wash off the grime and mud froth that we agitated. It’s time to apply the rim cleaner and degreaser on the rims, and we rub them to sparkle using the soft-bristled brush. However, how can we forget the space between the rim structures or other sneaky places? So it’s time to pull out the bottle-shaped brush. Hence, with all that care and detail, we have sparkling tires, and occasionally we top up with a wheel wax.

Cadillac Car Wash:

Without a doubt, many car owners may overlook the cleanliness of their car’s tires. However, we know that shouldn’t be the case because tires are equally important, so should you go for the back-breaking task yourself? If you are a detailing enthusiast, you can give it a go, but Cadillac Car Wash has you covered if you are a laid-back person. Feel free to visit our workstation and talk to the representative at the desk.

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