When you wash your car, do you consider the water with which you are cleaning it? If you just nodded your head in disagreement, you might need to reconsider your decision. After all, washing your car is mostly about using ample water with a few chemical cleaners. However, not all kinds of water are suitable for your car-wash, consider hard water as an example. Car washing with hard water can leave behind some unsightly spots. Moreover, hard water might not clean your car as thoroughly as you prefer. Therefore, let’s discuss the effects of hard water and what you can do to mitigate it.

What Is Hard Water?

Before we proceed, let’s take a step back to understand what hard water is. Hardness is a chemical term coined to indicate the concentration of certain minerals in your water.. Primarily we are talking about magnesium and calcium. However, other naturally abundant minerals like iron also add to the hardness of your water.

Therefore, the more minerals your water has, the harder it is. Lastly, the source of water can help you guess its hardness. Generally, water from wells has plenty of minerals dissolved in it. On the contrary, city water flows through several filtration processes; thus, you can expect a lower mineral concentration in city water.

What Are The Effects Of Car Washing With Hard Water?

We shall discuss two main issues you can face when washing your car with hard water:

  • Water Spots.
  • No Soap Lather.

Water Spots: After washing your car with hard water, you might notice blotches on windows and the car’s body. These spots are termed water spots. They are essentially the mineral residue that etches into the paint and window when the water evaporates. Nonetheless, you can prevent such etching by getting your car waxed. Moreover, wiping your car before the water evaporates can also limit the number of water spots. Lastly, you can use a mixture of white vinegar to get rid of small water spots. However, vinegar solution might not be the foolproof spot removal solution, as it might fail you in the presence of big stubborn water spots.

Soap Lather: Minerals in hard water react with soap salts or with shampoo chemicals. Hence, this can hinder the lather formation. With low foam and lather, the cleaning solution can’t break through and get rid of grime and dirt. Hence, what’s the use of a car wash when you can’t loosen up stubborn and damaging grime from your car’s body?

Why Visit A Car Wash?

A car wash with modern washing technology and techniques will inevitably consider the problem faced by hard water. Hence, you can feel free and relax when you visit such a car wash. Now, your speckless car without water spots is just a drive away. You can visit Cadillac Car Wash for impeccable cleaning. In addition, you can become a member of the Cadillac family and enjoy exclusive cleaning services.

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