For thousands of years, people have resorted to violence in order to bring attention to an issue. Slowly, people started to understand the value of non-violence and used that before resorting to violence. This is greatly seen in things like the American Revolution. Why does all this pertain to my car, many of your reading will be wondering? The answer is simple: the United States of America is going through a time in which our safety has become breeched!

To extend this point, let us look at what has happened since 2020 started: millions upon millions of people have been infected by a virus, known as COVID-19. On top of that 100,000+ people have passed away, and millions of Americans have lost their jobs. For many, robberies have become the only way to sustain a way to feed their families and take care of the rent. Unfortunately, these robberies are also affecting car owners, as thieves are stealing many people’s cars and selling them! Now, with the virus, millions of people are protesting to fight for something they believe in. There is, of course, nothing wrong with standing with what you believe is right, peacefully; however, many people take advantage of these times and have once again started to loot stores, cars, and other valuable possessions to an even greater extent than before.

No need to fear, of course! Simply make sure your car is parked inside your garage and that you do not accidentally forget to lock the car. Looters are looking for anything they feel they can easily take, and your car should not be one of those things. After all, this ends, your car may get dirty and may need a little wash. Ensure that your car gets washed by people who care; come by Cadillac Express Car Wash and get your car cleaned no less than what you deserve! Stay safe and awesome!


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