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A car’s engine is nothing less than its heart. A healthy heart means a healthy body, and the same goes for the car. To ensure smooth car operation, you must keep the engine revved up and maintained. Now, there are several ways to take good care of your car’s engine, and we will discuss a few engine maintenance tips that have a major impact on the engine’s health.

Car Engine Maintenance Tips:

Change The Oil Regularly:

An engine comprises several moving parts, and there is friction where there are moving parts. Oiling is a good way to reduce friction and keep these parts in top shape. Moreover, oil also helps trap dust, dirt, and debris that otherwise interfere with the engine’s operation. Therefore, keep an eye on the oil levels every month, and keep the manufacturer’s recommendations in your mind when you decide to change the engine oil.

Make Sure The Spark Plug Is Good Shape:

A spark plug ignites the petrol and air mixture in a petrol engine. So without a functioning spark plug, your engine will simply cease to function. However, that’s the least of your problems because spark plugs are quite durable and can serve your needs for a long time. Nonetheless, soot can accumulate over the electrodes, so just clean them from time to time, and you are good to go.

Furthermore, we recommend replacing the spark plug and related wires once you have driven the manufacturer’s recommended mileage. This is typically around 30,000 miles.

Take Your Engine’s Warning Seriously:

The engine check light is mounted on the panel for a purpose; no, it’s not there for you to ignore. It indicates that something is wrong with your car’s heart, and you should take a look at it. Most of the time, it’s a self-diagnosis activity, with a problem you can fix in a jiffy. However, the light remains on at times, constantly pleading you to take your car to a mechanic for an inspection.

Keep A Keen Eye Out For Leaks:

When pulling your car out of the driveway or from a parking spot, keep an eye out for puddles of liquid under your car. This can be an antifreeze sneaking out or a fuel leak. Either way, it’s harmful to the engine’s health. You can also check under the hood for the smell or try to spot the leak’s origin. Nonetheless, visit a mechanic as long as you are sure that your car’s leaking. Most probably, it’s because of a loosely fastened or rusty joint.

Keep The Air Filters And Oil Filters Clean:

Filters trap dirt and debris from incoming air and oil. Eventually, the filters get choked, and the airflow is disturbed. In such a scenario, your engine cannot breathe, and low-quality combustion occurs. By this, we mean that soot and carbon monoxide production increase, negatively impacting your engine and environment. Therefore, always clean your air filters, and get your engine thoroughly cleaned every now and then from Cadillac Car Wash.

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