Getting your car washed is a mundane activity. You shouldn’t invest too much time thinking about it, right? — Wrong!

There are quite a lot of factors to consider when thinking about cleaning a car. Sure, if you wash it yourself, you use the best products available. After all, who would better care for your vehicle if not you?

However, the situation is a bit different when it comes to automated car washes. You can’t just pull up at a car wash station and expect the same treatment and results. From the soap to the grills and brushes, everything plays a huge part in getting your car to be sparkly clean.

Since the entire purpose of a car wash is to have it spotless and scratch-free, mentioned below are the five things you need to look out for when choosing a station.

Value for Money

It’s crucial that you select a place that offers premium services that are worth the price. Don’t settle for a car wash that charges you an excessive amount for cheap services. Nor should you be tempted by low-price structures and scams. Make sure that the money you’re paying is actually getting you good services.

Ease & Convenience of Location

You don’t want to book a car wash appointment that’s way out of your normal route. Stick to a place that offers convenience and is located nearby. This way, you won’t be spending additional money on gas.

Effective Services

Although this is a given, make sure you pay close attention to the services provided by the car wash. Sure, cleaning is essential, but nowadays, car detailing, waxing, ceramic shields, etc., are additional benefits to look for. This way, if you ever need to spruce up your ride, you can head over to the trusty car wash station and get the most out of it.

Past Experiences and Reviews

Reading reviews and past experiences is a rule of thumb. Whether it’s for a product or place, it doesn’t matter. It’s important that you explore and hear the words of others. Reviews can tell you a lot about a service and its staff. There are plenty of online websites that show reviews. In fact, you can also ask your friends and family for their recommendations and past experiences.

End Results

Lastly, check for end results. That is, once your car comes out of the car wash, scan for any scratches or peeling paint. You can also opt to sit inside the vehicle while it goes through the cleaning tunnel. Take a look at the brushes used and whether or not everything is in perfect order. Overall, the purpose of your car wash needs to be fulfilled.

Looking For A Fully-Automated Car Wash?

Now that you know about the important car wash rules, it’s time to stick to them. Make sure the services you select provide cost-effective results and leave your car shining spotless.

Nonetheless, if you can’t find a good car washing station, why not just reach out to Cadillac Express Car Wash instead? You can catch us at any one of the following branches:

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