From fierce storms to accidental bug splats and mud prints, your car goes through a lot. Sometimes, even the tiniest scratch can upset the entire making of the vehicle. That is why most people opt for waxing their cars instead. With an additional layer of protection, car wax leaves your ride looking fresh and brand new. It’s like turning your car invincible! But the first question people ask is, how long does wax last on a car? The answer to which, of course, varies.

However, if you, too, want to know about the longest-lasting car wax, look no further! We’re here to tell you everything that you need to know about car waxing and more.

Is Waxing Your Car Worth It?

Do you want your car to stay protected and shine bright like a diamond? If so, then yes! Waxing your car is one hundred percent well worth the time and money.

The reason car wax was introduced to the public was because, back in the day, cars weren’t sealed off. That is to say; they were sold off only after a single layer of spray paint. Thus, without any additional coating to prevent rust, scratches, and paint wear-off, car waxing was born.

It’s an excellent way to restore your vehicle’s lost luster and make it look brand-new again. Mainly, it’s just a way to ensure the car looks clean and sleek.

Types of Wax

Rather than being shrunk into a single category, there are different types of car wax. Despite producing the same results with different textures and forms, you can pick whichever car wax you prefer best.

  • Paste Wax
    Traditional car wax is in paste form. Due to its thick consistency, it takes longer to apply, but it lasts just as long.
  • Spray Wax
    Lauded for its convenience, spray wax comes in a spray bottle that people can easily use to wax their cars at home.
  • Liquid Wax
    With a blend of natural and synthetic wax, liquid wax offers protection against damaging UV rays. Although since it’s thin in consistency, it doesn’t last long and requires constant reapplication.
  • Carnuba Wax
    Since it is 100% real, carnauba wax provides instant shine. Although it’s a bit greasier than other types of car wax, it’s still a wonderful option, regardless.
  • Liquid Polymer
    Known as synthetic wax, liquid polymer works just like real wax, but the shine and protection levels aren’t quite as effective.

How Long Does Wax Last on a Car?

On average, car wax tends to last for as long as three to six months. But, it primarily depends on the type of wax used. If it’s liquid or synthetic wax, the effect fades away sooner. This results in a reapplication after every 6 to 8 weeks.

No matter how great the results of car wax are if you really want to make your vehicle stand out and shine brilliantly, opt for a ceramic coating instead. It might be a bit on the pricier side, but the results you get are well worth it. Rather than fretting about monthly reapplication, with a ceramic shield layered over your ride, you can rest worry-free for up to 2 to 3 years on end.

Closing Word

To wrap it up and answer your question, wax on a car can last for as long as six whole months. However, once that time period is up, you’ll notice the dullness settling in and the vehicle becoming immune to its invincibility. This is a sign to re-wax your car. With a ceramic shield, though, you don’t have to worry about reapplication after every few months. Nonetheless, if you want to know more about what service your car would best fit, reach out to Cadillac Express Car Wash at any one of our following branches for the best time your car has ever seen.

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